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Tables of USA COVID-19 Policy Orders (Webpage) - Github repo

Interactive web page created that shows COVID-19 Policy Orders data as of October 23, 2020 for USA states (first table) and counties (second tables) over time. Created for 2020 Rstudio Table Contest.

-Webpage here

Multi-purpose Timer (Webpage) - Github repo

Timer for studying, exercising, or meditating. Created for personal use.

-Webpage here

Indy HIV Test (Website) - Github repo

Simple redesign of to better inform persons living in Indianapolis on where they can get tested for HIV.

-Webpage here

Sam's COVID 19 Dashboard (D3.js) - Github repo

Interactive visualization on COVID-19 in USA implemented as an interactive web page.

-Interactive webpage here (open in Chrome browser)

COVID 19 Narrative Viz Indy (D3.js) - Github repo

Narrative visualization on impact of COVID-19 in Indiana (as of June 24, 2020) implemented as an interactive web page for CS498 Data Visualization at UIUC in Summer 2020.

-Interactive webpage here

Air and Surface Decay of SARS-CoV-2 by US City (Shiny App) - Github repo

Makes it easier for public health and public safety workers to get current location-specific/weather-specific SARS-CoV-2 airborne or surface decay estimates.

-Shiny app here

One Source Indy (Shiny App) - Github repo

Better informs in-need homeless or unstably-housed individuals living in Indianapolis on resources available in their community. The prototype was created to show how publicly available resource data can be used with R shiny and to encourage others to develop similar applications for social good.

-Runner up in Rstudio's 2020 Shiny Contest.

-Shiny app here

Spotify Sentiment Analysis (JS web app) - Github repo

Parents with control over their son or daughter’s Spotify accounts equipped with a simple tool to analyze trends in listening history and understand emotional content of the listening choices.

Nationwide CDC Opioid Prescribing Rates Analysis - Github repo

Web scraping from CDC public data tables to obtain opioid prescription rates data for past few years 2006-2017 at county and/or state level. Provided to public health partners in Indiana to support public health interventions.

National Weather Service Forecasts (Shiny App) - Github repo

Allows users to obtain latest weather forecast data for 1000 largest cities in the US. Makes use of the National Weather Service API.

Viral Load Analysis Program - Github repo

Allows organizations with access to viral load results of people living with HIV to conduct analysis of community viral load.

-Presented at 2018 Ryan White National Conference workshop.

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